Questions & Answers

You started Surgeon & Safari in 1999 – How has your business grown since then and in relation to the industry as a whole?

  • Having spearheaded the industry not only in SA but globally and over the time observed the entry of cheap alternative destination grown in our focus ensuring the quality and service of South African surgeons in private practice whom are ethical, honest to patients ensuring they have realistic expectations, have the correct malpractice insurance to operate on our overseas clients and Private Health care together with our personalize enquiry service though to aftercare, support and follow up making it a constant experience.
  • Making information keys so that clients can make an informed decisions – In other words we will not cut corners and cost at the cost of quality – Making our product a reliable reputable option Surgeon and Safari has continued to look for the competitive edge and thus developed a private home accommodation environment making the recuperation a comfortable “home from home” experience with a truly personalized aftercare which has become the preferred choose of our repeat clients The business has grown to most areas in the globe and moved into other medical specialty needs including some medical clients other than elective procedures We have establish a reliable consistent reputation with a strong repeat client and past client referral base

What kind of cost differences can potential patients expect ?

  • The total cost of surgery if comparing to the equitable from the UK private health care sector you are looking at about half the cost with more value for your money in terms of immediate post op care in private hospitals and medical follow up back home – we also use email for follow up once clients are back home.

What are your personal comments on the post-operative care facilities in South Africa?

  • I can only comment on Surgeon and Safari which has taken additional care with the service and support offered to clients post operative care by offered personalized support at all time – it is important the clients have emotional support.

What medical and post-operative care facilities are utilised by Surgeon & Safari?

  • Firstly we ensure that clients are kept in hospitals depending on the procedure where they will receive 24 hours nursing this is the time when medical complications can occur and we like to ensure that they have the correct medical backup on hand and only after they are clearly on the path to medical health will they discharged Being independent facilitators we offer client the “outsider ear” for any complaints and ensure that these are address as and when they expressed using communication as a tool to recovery as it is important the clients express how they are feeling and need a lot of reassurance. If they need additional medical support they will be taken back to the hospital with the necessary specialists needed. So we offer an important emotional vessel for clients at a vulnerable time when they are out of their comfort zone away from home – see above.

What areas in South Africa are most popular?

  • Yet again Surgeon and Safari has most clients coming to Johannesburg as it is the bigger medical hub.

What Procedures are most popular?

  • Elective surgery which can be planned – Like Specialist medical reviews and /or procedures
  • Emergency Medical Treatment needing medical evacuation

Are your surgeons properly qualified?

  • We only use surgeons who are qualified, certified and registered medical doctors and specialists in South Africa.
  • All our surgeons are registered with their respective specialist associations and thus adhere to those professional codes of conduct and have no malpractice Law suites lodged against them.
  • We elect to work with select top surgeons whom have successful private practises with high standards of ethics.
  • These surgeons pride themselves on the quality of their work, and take time to ensure that you are comfortable with your choice and ensure that you have realistic expectations.
  • They will not perform procedures if they feel you would be compromised in any way from a health or medical point of view.
  • We only use Surgeons who have the correct and necessary malpractice insurance coverage to operate on our overseas clients.

Are blood transfusions safe and what about HIV/Aids?

  • Blood in South Africa, due to HIV AIDS additional precautions are taken and can assure you all blood used is tested following international standards.
  • The chance of receiving contaminated blood in SA is no greater than anywhere else in the world, including the USA and UK that uses international standards for testing blood.
  • South African blood donors are not paid to donate their blood.

Will I not compromise quality for the better price you offer?

  • The quality of the skills and services we offer is amongst the very best in the world.
  • The fact that our pricing is so competitive is due to favourable exchange rates and is the cherry on top – service and professionalism will always come first.
  • Our medical evaluation standards and feedback systems are our key success factors.
  • The medical tourism industry suffers from a lack of standards, with price often undercutting the quality of the medical service on offer.
  • Beware of cheap alternatives – You will long forget the cost of your surgery but will live with the results forever.

How will my concerns and fears be addressed?

We fully understand that people might have different expectations and can not stress enough that you have a right to all the information required to make an informed choice decision and urge everyone to ask the questions that concern them most and only make the final decision once you are satisfied with the answers.

  • Have you asked questions, raised your concerns and fears?
  • How do you feel about how the Surgeon has addressed your questions?
  • Has your communication been open and honest?
  • Are you sure that you have realistic expectations?
  • Have you been made aware of the benefits and risks involved?

Are the medical facilities up to standard and fully equipped to deal with my procedure?

  • We only offer operations and procedures which are performed at Private Hospitals which are owned by large public listed companies specializing in Private Health Care.
  • All the private Hospitals are fully certified and accredited in line with international standards with fully equipped ICU facilities and 24 hour nursing.
  • Procedures are all done in fully equipped operating rooms with all the necessary qualified staff and equipment.

How will I be cared for after the operation is done?

  • All clients are required to stay in their town of surgery for an appropriate period of time thus ensuring that they are on the correct healing path.
  • We ask that all our client keep in touch with us once back home and report to their referring doctor.
  • We use email as an effective feedback and follow up system and forward medical reports to all referring doctors.

How do you handle folow-ups once I am back in my home country?

  • All clients are required to stay in their town of surgery for an appropriate period of time thus ensuring that they are on the correct healing path.
  • We ask that all our client keep in touch with us once back home and report to their referring doctor.
  • We use email as an effective feedback and follow up system and forward medical reports to all referring doctors.

What if something goes wrong?

  • We like you to ask questions thus understanding the risks involved with elective procedures thus making an informed choice.
  • All clients are admitted as private patients in a fully certified private hospital where their procedure is performed in a technologically advantaged operative room with qualified operating room staff.
  • We ensure that all clients stay in hospital, where they have 24 hour nursing together with the necessary medical backup like ICU – If there is going to be any medical complication it will arise in this time period whilst in hospital
  • We require our clients to stay in the city of surgery for a period of time thus ensuring that they have adequate postoperative consultation with their surgeon ensuring that they are medically healed before they leave.

What insurance cover options do I have?

  • We do however advise that you take out regular comprehensive travel insurance when purchasing you airline ticket.
  • For Insured patients, we advise you get authorization from your medical insurance before travelling – we will be glad to forward medical codes.
  • We only use Surgeons who have adequate South African Medical insurance and the necessary malpractice cover in order to operate on our overseas clients and medical tourist from around the world.