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“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance that led the successful examination and treatment of my wife at Medi-Clinic in SA.”

Shakes from Zimbabwe

Offering a Total Solution when having Surgery in South Africa

Surgeon and Safari shares 18 years experience using reliable networks of medical professionals, private hospitals, including emergency Medical Evacuation services in Africa for patients needing to travel to South Africa for medical treatment, with valued added service within the supply chain, offering a seamless and quality experience

Surgeon & Safari respects the rights of the medical traveller, adhering to professional codes of conduct.


Services offered:

  • Facilitating a total healthcare solution
  • E Health call Facility with Medical Specialists
  • Tele Radiology Services
  • Issue Guarantees of Payment
  • Case Management
  • Aeromedical Assistance
  • Cost Effective Financial Benefits sharing negotiated best rates with transparent accounting

Meet the team

Our experienced corporate and patient coordinators are on hand to assist clients and patients though their experience and process

Corporate Coordinators

Lorraine Melvill


Founder and Owner of Surgeon and Safari, sharing her 18 years experience as a pioneer in the global medical / health tourism industry. lorraine@surgeon-an-safari.co.za

Illze Milbert

Medical procurement Commercial Medical Flight Assistance Sharing 20 years of experience in emergency medical and flight care

Michelle Ray

Financial Systems

Founder and Owner of MR Billing, sharing her 18 years experience as a healthcare advisor with knowledge of the Financial Services and Medical Scheme Consulting Environment.

Patient Coordinators / Case Managers

Tatiana Passos

Patient - Coordinator/Case Manager

Portuguese Speaking

Servicing Patients from Angola and Mozambique

Sharing her 9 years experience in occupation health working in Oil and Gas industry, nursing in South African and as a surprising nurse at ISOS in Angola.


Petra Preuss

Patient - Coordinator/Case Manager

German Speaking

Servicing Patients from Namibia

Sharing her 15 years Neuro Physiotherapist and hands on experience with medical specialist in Private Practice.


Fiffi Katende

Patient - Coordinator/Case Manager

French Speaking

Servicing Patients from Congo, DRC and French West Africa

Sharing her 20 years experience offering Medical Facilitation solutions to French speaking African clients, corporate companies and governments using South Africa as a destination for healthcare solutions.

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