The welcome and caring atmosphere from Lorraine is second to none. The hospital is so professional and warm. The nurses like they used to be.


Surgeon and Safari only offer operations and procedures which are performed at Private Hospitals which in South Africa are owned by large public listed companies specializing in Private Health Care.Theatre

  • All the Private Hospitals are fully certified in line with international standards with fully equipped ICU facilities and 24 hour nursing.
  • Some Private Hospitals in South Africa are members of The Council of Health Service Accreditation of South Africa ( COHSASA ) which is accredited by the International Society for Quality in health Care ( ISQUA )
  • Some Private Hospitals in South Africa are members of The Hospital Association South Africa ( HASA )
  • The Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA or the Council) is a statutory body, established in terms of the Health Professions Act No. 56. committed to serving and protecting the public and providing guidance to registered healthcare practitioners -
  • Procedures are all done in fully equipped operating rooms with all the necessary qualified staff and equipment.
  • Patients are admitted into hospital as private patients with private rooms and kept in hospitals for minimum of 24 hours post operative extended depending on the procedure performed.
  • The Hospital Groups in South Africa offer their Hospitals to Specialist in Private Practise so that they can perform their procedures at the facilities – Doctors and Specialist in South Africa are independent and do not work for the Hospital Groups

Netcare Group


The Medi-Clinic Group


The Life Healthcare group


Blood Transfusion and HIV AIDS

Blood in South Africa, due to HIV AIDS additional precautions are taken and we can assure you all blood used is tested in accordance to international standards.

SurgeonThe chance of receiving contaminated blood in SA is no greater than anywhere else in the world, including the USA and UK that uses international standards for blood testing.

South African blood donors are not paid to donate blood.


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