"The greatest benefit was the professionalism and expertise of the surgeon which has left me with great results"


South African Consultations

We have pleasure in advising that our surgeon's are available to consult via email and telephone as we believe that you need to be able to make a fully informed choice.

USA flagWe encourage you to take this opportunity to ask questions and communicate with your selected surgeon prior to travelling to South Africa for your surgery.


Information is key for both you and the surgeon.

Please submit the online Medical History form:
Your medical history together with a close up picture will be used by
your surgeon to make a clinical evaluation and assesses your suitability
for surgery . Please feel free to ask questions and voice any
reservations you may have.

Email / Telephone Consultation

Constant communication via e-mail, facilitates open honest communication between you, the surgeon and ourselves thus allowing reflective feedback.

Telephonic Consultation can be arranged after your initial medical evaluation has been completed by the surgeon and forwarded to you.

We encourage you to make an educated informed choice and will be delighted to put you in touch with past clients who have agreed to share their experience.

Live Video Consultation

Details to be advised (Soon to be implemented)

Face to Face Consultation

Your first "face to face" consultation in South Africa will be schedule shortly after arrival and will take an estimated 30-45 minutes to allow you and your surgeon to discuss your requested procedures at length. Please note that both you and the surgeon are under no obligations to proceed with surgery until after this consultation

Follow up Consultation

Once back home we encourage you to keep in touch with us as your healing progress is important and if at any stage you have any queries or furthered questions we would like you to contact us and we will respond as soonest.

Ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the way that the surgeon has answered all of questions that they are to your satisfaction, in terms that you understand. You should be in agreement with the anticipated outcome of your surgery and your expectations of the results. You should be aware of the alternatives and thoroughly understand the risks of the procedure. Remember the final decision is yours. You have options and need to take the time to choose carefully.

Consultation Guidelines


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