... is known for offering the highest quality of medical standards at a competitive price.

Karen Loftus

If you’re looking for a little reconstruction with your
recreation, there are plenty of global hotspots willing to take
your foreign funds.

by Karen Loftus

Today, many are crossing borders in search of medical immediacy and lower cost healthcare due to rising costs and longer waits at home. Medical tourism is now a global phenomenon with new regions on the rise as several countries continue to capitalize on their areas of expertise from the Thai tuck to the Brazilian booty. Whether you’re looking for a heart valve, hip or a lift, do your research well in advance, as the cream will rise to the top. Here are three red-hot regions and three facilities where the pleasure far outweighs the pain.

Brazil or Bust!

Brazil, known as the world capital of plastic surgery, has a long history in the market. According to Michael Boeckle, proprietor of Cosmetic Vacations based in Brazil, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Boeckle and Brazil take the business very seriously. Unlike in the U.S., where many procedures are simply done in an office, in Brazil they are not only done in a hospital, but in specific, plastic-surgery-only hospitals.

While clients flock to Brazil from all over the world, a shocking 90 percent of their clients are American. The trend for Americans is to focus on the body first — breasts, lipo, tucks and the world-renowned Brazilian booty. Europeans, on the other hand, are more likely to go face first, with body procedures coming in second.

The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery prohibits the listing of prices online or otherwise as all treatments and procedures are extremely personalized. “We are not selling used cars,” according to Boeckle. But, expect a 30 to 50 percent decrease from U.S. fees. A new trend with Cosmetic Vacations will be visits to U.S. cities starting this fall, where doctors will work one on one with potential patients. All the guesswork will be worked out well in advance. Expect to stay a minimum of one week and as long as three or four in Rio, Porto Bay or the Copacabana Palace.

South African Queen

Lorraine Melville, founder of Surgeon and Safari, spearheaded the surgical safari movement in South Africa in 1999 and is a world leader in Surgical Tourism. According to Melville, she commands the marketplace and is known for offering the highest quality of medical standards at a competitive price. Her ethical, top-tier team may be scheduled to perform a facelift and tummy tuck, but if the patient’s blood is not up to par on arrival, the tuck will be postponed because safety is paramount.

Melville initially housed her visiting clients in Orient Express Hotels until they caught sight of her palatial digs where everyone feels right at home. She’s able to house as many as six patients, which can be a mix of prominent men and women, journalists, government officials and, of course, celebrities.

As you might guess, stays vary in length. A ten-day, all-inclusive stay complete with safari and a breast reduction will run $7,586, while a 12-day face, eyelift and safari will run $11,417 (flight not included). Rest assured that Melville is fully invested in you and your every detail from email one.

Ladies who Lunch, Lounge and Lift

If serious surgery isn’t your thing, perhaps lighter fare — or prevention — is more your style. The Anti-Aging Center at Paraiso de la Bonita Resort & Thalasso on the Mexican Riviera may be just the ticket. The hotel features the only Thalassotherapy spa (thalassotherapy refers to the medical use of seawater) in North America. Once on site at the intimate luxury resort, all clients receive complimentary initial consultations where skin analysis and medical history are carefully reviewed, and treatment plans are formulated.

Aside from an exceptional spa with several services, the center provides a series of treatments like Chelation Therapy ($400), which removes heavy metals and minerals from blood, Biocell Ultravital to treat organ deficiencies, and finally, Platelet Rich Plasma ($250) and Human Umbilical Cord Implant ($5,000), both of which accelerate cell and tissue regeneration. Fear not, your basic Botox, peels, Mesotherapy, Restylane and fillers are all on deck, as is a Featherlift ($1,300), the threading facelift, which has been a recent fave for famous faces. Prices are industry standard, but the service is the best there is.

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