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"Thank you SO much for everything, I had an absolutely LIFE CHANGING time with you. I know it won't be too long before I feel a strong tugging to visit my South African Mama again. You are an amazing empowered and strong woman... I love you and I'll miss you deeply until I can visit you again!!!!"


It’s been 3 weeks after the surgery and I’ve been home for 2 weeks and today I’ve decided that I should write you.

I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance from day of enquiry up to drop-off at the airport. Everything went on so fast and smooth that it is still hard to believe that I already had surgery (only when I look down at my new accessories)…

I was very worried about my choice as everything was done on Internet. But as soon as I saw Dr. Rick all my doubts vanished and I knew I was in good hands. He is so gentle and professional, and takes time explaining everything which for me was very important, to see that there was no rush. The hospital was top quality and all the nurses and staff were extremely caring and sweet.

And then the stay with Lorraine…I had a great time and Lorraine is an amazing woman, always aware of my needs and fun to be with. Food was delightful and our end of day glass of wine was extremely soothing. I felt home and I had the opportunity of meeting great people at Lorraine’s house.

I cannot compare this trip/surgery with the previous one I had in Brazil, as the quality of the venues was far, far better than Brazil. My recovery was quick and with 3 hours flight I was back home after one week from the procedure.

Thank you once again for everything and I really hope to see you soon.


Dear Lorraine,

I just wanted to write and say thankyou so so much for such a fab trip and for making it all so easy and fun! I am SOOOO delighted with my ears - it has made all the difference to me! I keep thinking it has been all a dream and have to run and check in the mirror first thing in the morning! Please will you pass on my HUGE thanks to Rick as well. He did such a great job and is definitely my new hero!! They are still quite bruised and tender but much better and am loving being able to wear my hair up.

Oh well will have to find an excuse to come back!!

Min must be on her way back by now, so will see her tomorrow and catch up on what you got up to without me!

Lots of Love Anne XXX

Lorraine, thank you so much for everything.

I never thought surgery could be so much fun... I had an absolute ball. I was just sitting here wondering what you would be doing right now. Hopefully having a nice glass of wine. Right now I'm sipping the wine you kindly gave me and raising a wee toast for my new friend Lorraine. Have a great week my love. In between sips of vino, I have to get the beds changed, the kids are back tomorrow.

So I'll say bye for now and send my guardian angel to give you the biggest hug ever.

Lots of Love, Joyce.

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for your care and cheerfulness. I have had two wonderful weeks to remember and an updated face in the process. Mike was very impressed. He had been convinced that I would look bruised and would want to hide for another couple of weeks, needing aftercare. Instead we went out for lunch today and I have just booked a few concerts to go to.

The daughters can not wait to see me and by the sound of it, the news has now filtered through to the rest of the family. I feel really privileged to have stayed at your home and to have met so many lovely and interesting people. I may not have seen much of your country so far, but I know probably more about South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya than I would have on a tour arranged in the UK.


I live in Mozambique and I did the operation about 5 weeks ago. Lorraine is great and Rick is very professional. Will you stay with Lorraine? I would strongly recommend that, she was extremely helpful during the whole process and is very open and warm as a person. I was also very nervous before the operation and sent Rick lots of questions. I had thought about doing this operation about 5 years, so it was really a big thing for me. I think one part of the process was for myself to "let go" and trust Rick and Lorraine, without any family and friends around, I am normally used to be in control.

Also I have never been at a hospital so that part was new for me as well. The scars (lower part of nipple area) are now healing nicely and already they are getting difficult to see. The size is great - I was quite firm I did not want big breasts, so I have 180 ml in each, quite small implants in other words. I was swollen afterwards but stopped eating painkillers after about a week. I am very happy with my "new" body.


Hi Lorraine

Sorry I've taken so long to reply - being back here has taken a while to adjust too! The noise levels, the having to actually Do things and the lack of sun and heat have thrown me off kilter!

First off, thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave me, and for your friendship and guidance ( think you should add 'Councillor' to you CV!. I will never forget my time with you and I tell everyone I meet how wonderful you made my experience in SA. You gotta a good thing going girl!! lol

The appointment time is fine and I am looking forward to seeing Rick in London for my follow up and gaining reassurance that all is well. I went to my GP yesterday to have my micropore changed (yes, I am a wimp!) and he was blown away by the quality of Rick's work! He said he has seen 5 (boobs / tummy) peoples' scars and has never seen one as neat as mine. He looked delighted and congratulated me on my choice of Surgeon! Told him I don't do things by half and he should know that by now!!

Mary ( Scotland ) 2007

  Hi Lorraine,

I would just like to thank you once again for your kindness and fun while I was staying with you during and after my surgery!!

My family were very surprised and pleased at how I looked when I got home. The weather has been beautiful, we had breakfast in the garden this morning (with Champagne and orange juice) it reminded me of you!!.

Oh by the way my Sister-in-law was amazed and is hoping to come out for her surgery Dec Once again Lorraine, many many thanks for all the kindness and care you gave to me staying with you made the whole experience wonderful.

Love Mary. x.

"Thank you for referring us to Lorraine and Rick. He called Lorraine from the theatre and said all was well about an hour ago. The welcome and caring atmosphere from Lorraine is second to none. The hospital is so professional and warm. The nurses like they used to be. Rick and his anesthetist Stan were so calm, warm and professional. They have a bedside manner like old times but with bang up to the minute knowledge and staff. It is like LA but with love and of course it is more affordable. Once I saw the hospital and met them, all doubts departed. "


"Thank you , one of those wonderful phrases people use to express a special gratitude, it comes from the heart, from with deep within, with the warmest, nicest feelings - the most special thoughts, Thanks for taking the time to show you care, you made my stay worthwhile, thank you for making everything seem so much better, you've done something I'll never forget "


Dear Loraine,

I thought I would let you know how my return to work went.

On arrival I was met by my daughter who at once said how well I looked.  And she really meant it.

At work I knew I would have a lot to do, having been away so long, so people did not stop much to chat. However I became aware of a few lingering looks, from both male and female colleagues. The longer ones came from the male colleagues. One, Linda Gray came up to me and asked where I was, so I regaled her with my story of having been skiing and then  having gone to this spa in Northern Bohemia where I had undergone a series of facials. That I said with a hint of confidence.  I did not really elaborate only said that the first one being acid peel.  I do not really know what it consists of.  If she enquires more I will have to make something up. I saw something written about an acid peel in one of your Surgeon & Safari programs.

Another colleague said that it showed that I had been away, that I looked very relaxed.  Those two were nice, well meaning women, interested in my welfare. However, I still think there will be a certain amount of inquisition from one particular person.  She likes to parker around and can be really catty. But I will not let on, just let her stew in her envy.

I feel very comfortable within myself.

I hope you and Mr. Rick are well, and your endeavours are going from strength to strength.

My regards to Tryphene and Dennis.

Hi Lorraine,

Well I'm home now for a couple of weeks and miss you and South Africa VERY MUCH! Cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting with you and experiencing your friendship the whole time I was there. You made me feel so comfortable and secure, but most important that I made a friend whom I could trust implicitly...

Click here to read the full story as told by Jeri

Dear Colleen,

In the Fall you sent me photos of yourself in S.Africa.  Well, I went and had a ball.  The Safari was fantastic, I enjoyed every minute.  I elected to have not only Liposuction and a tummy tuck but eye surgery as well.  My eyes are the most improved and my tummy tuck has given me a better shape, my liposuction is OK, but I was hoping for greater improvement in my leg and thigh area.  I also had my teeth whitened and 2 veneers applied to my front teeth.

Peter the Dentist was fantastic, I can never remember being so pampered by my dentist.  I had the dentist and the man responsible for the making of the veneers peering into my mouth to make sure that the veneers color was an exact match. The man responsible for the veneers came especially at Peter's request [ on his Harley] to look at my mouth.  I think I spent more hours in the dental chair than I did in the operating room.  If I had to wait for the driver to collect me then the receptionist was sent to get me whatever I wanted from the little restaurant in the area.  

One day the driver was really late and Peter had to go to a meeting, so she was instructed to stay with me and take me to the restaurant until the driver collected me.  I have never been so pampered and cosseted.  All the treatments and the people administering them were first class.

I went on to Cape Town and stayed with a colleague of Lorraine's there.  I had the  most wonderful time, going on lots of day trips and seeing everything there was to experience.  Again Shelley and Tony made my stay memorable, looking after me and making sure that I was enjoying myself .  I can't speak highly enough about the people and the experience.

Thank -You for helping me decide to go.

Diana Burn

Lorraine, I wanted to write and thank you so much for your hospitality and care during my trip to South Africa.

I've not had the opportunity to e-mail you until now and wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time you took to make my stay as enjoyable as it was.

Now that I'm back in London, and back at work (eek!), I've lost more weight and feel great with my new boobs and figure. I've dropped a dress size and have had so many comments from people saying that I look really good and it has boosted my confidence tremendously.

I am really really happy that I met Dr Van der Poel and took the steps to have surgery. I would recommend him to anybody as he was extremely patient and gentle throughout the whole process. Once again, thank you for enjoying a glass of wine with me each night.


giraffesI'm really pleased with the results. It's incredible, exactly what you said would happen happens - people say I look well but nothing more and yet I feel so different, so much more confident. Still got a small bruise and the ears are tender but all's well.  I took it out for it's first public outing at the weekend, to a conference of about 200  people, most of whom have known me for years. Everyone said how well I looked and then one old colleague said 'You look different'. I said it was the holiday and he said 'No, it's something more then that,' peering closely.

The greatest benefit was the professionalism and expertise of the surgeon which has left me with great results and the warm, nurturing environment in which to recover post surgery. Just thanks for everything. It's a long time since I've felt so well cared for.

Karen - UK

I found the information supplied really informative and useful. I particularly liked the newsletters that came along detailing peoples experiences I found that very reassuring. Using e mail made communication so easy.

Biggest benefit was the accessibility and professionalism of the surgeon. The care shown by Lorraine, and all concerned ,for me as a person.

I found Dr. van der Poel to be extremely approachable, very professional and easy to talk to. I felt I was treated as a person, not just a patient and my worries and concerns were heard.

It really helped seeing him in London before I came out to Joburg. His professional skill and surgery, seems at the moment to be excellent, but I wont really know until a few months have passed - Im only three weeks post op.

I think the whole package has been put together with a great deal of thought and sensitivity. Having elective surgery is a huge decision and I appreciated the professional way in which communication and information both personally and through e mail has been so professional and informative.


My Surgeon & Safari experience was wonderful. I went on an overnight Safari at the Earth Song Lodge prior to having a facelift, eyelift and arm lift. I received first rate treatment and care throughout. Lorraine is one of the nicest and most ethical people you could hope to encounter.

I considered the selection of plastic surgeon to be the most important Factor of my trip. I decided upon Dr. Rick Van Der Poel and thus stayed in Johannesburg. I cannot overstate my satisfaction with this choice.

Dr. Rick has both remarkable surgical skill and a great bedside manner. He lacks the arrogance that a lot of US surgeons have. I was also greatly impressed with the fact that his concern is more patient safety than making money.

I would do business with Surgeon & Safari again in a heart Beat.

Love - Colleen

Dear Lorraine, I got home ok after a long and exhausting trip. I believe that my recovery progresses well. I noticed that each day makes a big positive difference as far as the swelling and bruising is concerned.

Thanks a lot for your help and hospitality that is particularly important while we are far away from home.

Regarding your questionnaire, I give you big "Tops" to all questions, the doctor, hospital and yourself really deserve it.

I hope to stay in touch with you.


I have nothing but praise for the whole experience - first class all the way!

With Lorraine's guidance & support, coupled with Rick's professionalism and surgical skill - a killer combo! I am just so delighted with the outcome of my surgery.

I think you provide a superb service of which I'm sure you're justifiably proud. I'm most grateful to you for making it all happen so effortlessly. Susan

Very impressed with the speed everything happened, from my initial inquiry to having the actual surgery. Having Lorraine help with everything. It was all very smooth from our arrival in South Africa to our departure. Also many thanks for helping with the Hotel room ! The Westcliff is a fantastic hotel.

I cannot think of any improvements to the experience I had, which was outstanding. Possibly providing a bit more information on things to do in Johannesburg may be beneficial to some clients.


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I could share with you, thanks to Rick for being such an excellent surgeon and wonderful personality, thanks to Dr Brown for his kindness and professionality, thanks to the nurses, thanks to the Westcliff staff - thanks to South Africa!

Now I am back in cold Germany, thinking of all of you all the time, wishing to be with you.

I would really like to stay in touch with you, hoping to be able to welcome you at my place some day.


Thank you for taking care of Mary. I am really looking forward to seeing her. I guess you'll be seeing her again when she comes back to South Africa to have the permanent porcelain bridges fitted and perhaps at that time she might want to have done some of the "lipo" she was planning, but which as apparently not possible at this time. I am hoping that at that time, I will be able to accompany her, although it is unlikely to be before August this year and besides, I know that the dental surgeon recommended about 6 months delay, prior to fitting the permanent bridges. However, I am looking forward to meeting you and thank you for the kindness that you have shown towards both Mary and Paul. I realise that there must be a great deal of anxiety when one undergoes this treatment and I know your support has been greatly appreciated by Mary.

I'm feeling great thanks. Don't know if its still post op/post holiday euphoria, Or what I hope it is- the first step to the rest of my life. I have not formed an opinion on the end result of my nose yet- I am hoping it is still quite swollen- I think it is as it is still numb, Psychologically I feel like I've reached a starting point I've been searching for for the last 10 years.

I was really impressed with the S and S package. Shelley Watermeyer is a beautiful person, so helpful in all facets, the whole package was just great!

I got another e-mail from Gulabi - one of the references you gave me. She sends her best regards again. It is also helpful have a sort of post medical sounding board- have you ever thought about setting up a message board for post patients on your website? Being able to talk to people who went through the process before me really cemented my thoughts and kept me calm in the face of the unknown.

I came back to news that the company I work for has closed down. That is why I am hoping that the strength I currently have within me is newfound calm and courage- and not post op/hol euphoria. Nevertheless I am intending to embrace the challenges ahead of me- and am convinced at this early stage that going for rhinoplasty and having done all the necessary research and soul searching beforehand is providing me with tools within me to deal with life like I haven't done up til now- it's thanks to your professionalism, care and guidance that I've been able to do that.

Thanks again

PS Jackie is not recuperating as quickly as me, understandable as she had a more invasive procedure. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at Capetown but you can see that being back in her own familiar territory has given her a needed psychological boost.

We arrived back in the house yesterday in time to see a television excerpt on Cosmetic surgery here in the UK- 65'000 people had some form of CS last year- there was the warnings and guidelines on how to research it- the costs associated and the importance of the awareness of the downsides. A top UK surgeon was on- it was only a 10/15 minute slot on one of the breakfast shows- but I did think -gosh if you guys (S and S)could get on there somehow with some of your SA surgeons- 10% of that market would be such a coup!

I don't know where we stand with work at the mo- but I will be more than happy to be here as a reference/testimonial for future clients. This is the only e-mail address I have at the mo, I'll work at setting another up.


Hello Lorraine

How goes it sunshine? You were absolutely terrific and so kind, it made me really feel safe so far from home.

Thanks a million for all your kind hospitality and fruitful advice. I enjoyed my excellent stay with you and was hoping to be able to speak to you from Cape Town before I left, but as things would have it, my schedule was so heavy and tightly packed that I was able to phone my family only a couple of times whilst out there - and I appreciate greatly the way you put yourself out to assist me at all times.

Shelly was absolutely wonderful too and we got along just fine, although I feel I may have given her a few nightmares. She took good care of me and I felt this wasn't a guest-house but a friend's home. She even invited me to go whale-watching with her friends in Hermanus - can you beat that - an offer I simply couldn't resist! A close-up view like that is usually a dream or a very long journey away - like Alaska - but who wants to under take that? It was an unbelievable experience to see and hear them in the Bay.

Its thanks to you and Shelly that my stay will be an unforgettable one, I shall recall my time spent with you both with warm affection and who knows, I may return sooner than you think. Cape Town has certainly taken my breath away and cast a spell on me. Being a culture vulture, the time span there was just too short and too much to do and see.

Meantime, thanks once again from the bottom of my heart.

Affectionately, Gulabi xx

I would just like to thank you so much for all your kindness and help. I am still buzzing and can't stop smiling - a new woman left africa - body and soul, you are an amazing woman thank you. I would happliy recommend surgeon and safari and gladly share my experience all my love, take care.

Dawn Byrne

Well Hello my darling - howzit??

We've landed with a bump back on planet reality following what can only be described as one of life's truly mind blowing experiences.

Sabi Sabi and in particular Earth Lodge is (you were so right) a dream. We loved every single second of it and can only say we even tried to bribe the ranger to stay for longer - what a place, what an experience - what a bloody humbling encounter!

Lorraine, words really can't begin to express exactly what a fantastic time we had there and in Jo'Burg with you thanks to your amazing generosity and wonderful personality. You are an inspiration and  a great pal to boot. The surgery almost seems second place to the wonderful people you introduced us to and the experiences we were privileged to share and for that you receive a heartfelt hug and big kisses.

Back home and striaght back into work. I'll email later in the week for a catch up. Bruises still sore but totally bearable. tell Rick he's a honey, Rodger and Stewart we love them and send big kisses to the cool Maxamilion.

You are wonderful people and we are priviliged to know you


Many thanks for your help. The Doc was able to see me that very afternoon and he has helped me to understand my condition. I am very grateful for your intervention.. Thanks for your light hearted approach. Your chatty style helps to lift the day.


I had the most amazing time with you- you are an amazing lady and have had a huge impact on me. As I expected stress mountain collapsed on me the minute I walked back through the door . I knew it would happen and held onto the serenty that I felt in Africa and somehow managed to rise above it all. I am feeling great - really in charge of my life all of a sudden.

Its fab to be back with the kids and our time togther feels better than ever. I miss you all. Well I have Africa in my heart, elephants in my soul, your sound advice ringing in my ears, fire in my belly, determintaion in my stride and a disturbingly massive need to jump the nearest available man running through my veins. Stand back world -Surgeon and Safari has started my motor and there ain't no stopping me!!!


Hello Lorraine,

I am very happy with the surgery so far, and I like Chris, he is not only young, good surgeon, laud, full of laugh, relax but also still human. I mean there are many bloody good surgeon but almost all of them are into good result and full stop. They don't interact, they don't care the emotional part of the surgery (which I think the most important matter, because anykind of surgery will change your life somehow). But Chris does.... And from my back ground; I grew up sad, frustrated, dipressed and never proud of my body. For some people that doesn't matter, but to me that was very big. I had never worn tight things or easyly get a boyfriend because I had never felt taht I have beautiful boobs. I know there are lots of woman out there who grew up and grew old like me and have a dream to have boobs.

So, from there, I knew how it felt, I have been there and I have done it (the surgery), I knew the feeling as a patient, I just want to help woman like that.

I love (JoBurg).

Thanks .........Wish we can get together somehow, sometime in the future.....Lots of love,


Dear Rachel

If I told you honestly how wonderful I think the team are you would never believe me but I will just give you the full story of how it started with Surgeon & Safari.


Click here to read the full story as told by Karen

Dear Lorraine,

I can't thank you enough for your promptness and professionalism, not to mention your warmth and friendly demeanor. I am very nervous about undergoing such a surgery, but I feel so confident that I am spreading the news to family and friends alike. I have located a camera (I still do not have scanning capability for my computer.... just never got around to it) and will be taking the pictures within the next week. I look so forward to meeting all of you and seeing your beautiful country.

As always, Pam

Operation prepI had a tummy tuck ( I had previously lost 40 lbs), small amount of liposuction, a face lift and a slight adjustment to the bridge of the nose (nothing too radical).

I had a very positive experience and can state that both Dr. Van Der Poel and Lorraine / Surgeon and Safari are extremely professional.

Dr Van Der Poel was excellent. The result is very natural. Only those I have told have been able to see that I had a face lift. Even my kids, who are adults, have not picked up on it. Only that I look good.

My major discomfort and recovery has been with the tummy tuck. If you are only doing the face I think you will be up and about in a couple of days. Bandages off in a couple of days. And the stitches and incisions are either hidden in the hair line or hardly visible after about 10 days, although on really close inspection there is still slight redness along the surgical line in front of my ears which is gradually disappearing. If it were not for the tummy tuck, I think that after I 3-4 days I would have felt comfortable getting out and visiting around South Africa before returning to the US. I did not feel self conscious flying home 9 days after the surgery. I did not feel that many, if any, people were picking up on the surgery to my face (although I would not have particularly cared if they did).

The Westcliff hotel is likewise a very good choice to recover. Great hotel yet very private. I even felt somewhat comfortable going to the pool deck for lunch and lounge with some bandages. Lorraine is excellent at seeing that everything goes smoothly and that your needs are taken care of. She also can see that you have a wonderful experience in South Africa, whatever you decide to do. If you have not travelled there before, in most respects you will encounter, it is really a first world experience but with African flavour. I love South Africa and plan on taking friends back there later this year.


Travel during wartime

Following is a column on travelling during wartime. It was written by David Bear, travel editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who was a participant in the recent South African Tourism/South African Airways adventure travel press trip. He plans two large features on South Africa, and several smaller articles, later in the year.

This column reflects on his decision to go forward with the trip to South Africa, even though war had just broken out in Iraq. It's encouraging to see that travel writers can be true leaders, refusing to curtail international adventures and setting an example for all travellers.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

By David Bear,
Post-Gazette Travel Editor
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The Ruth Denzey diary

As told to Sarah Edwards - Read the full story by clicking HERE

Big welcome - hubbie is delighted with his new wife and has decided not to trade her in after all - Hooray! He loves the eyes - he noticed straight away but didn't like to say anything, so I told him anyway 'cos I can't keep secrets from him. If he noticed and he doesn't usually notice if I've been to the hairdressers. A huge thank you once again for your hospitality and support throughout - Mantica and I both agreed that the last day was the best, absolutely rounded everything off to a "T".


Arrived back today tanned and very relaxed from a super trip.

All went well and once again we have fallen in love (with Africa!!) Eyes are looking good.


The accommodations at The Mount Nelson were fabulous.

I am satisfied with the work the surgeon performed. Before the surgery, he said his goal is to have me look refreshed. He achieved that goal. When I returned to the office yesterday, the second most common comment was, "You look refreshed." The most common comment was "You've lost weight!" My son said "You look skinnier and taller." My husband was pleased with the results as well.

My trip to Cape Town is one that I will never forget. I am determined to return and bring my family with me. I will forever be a booster for that city, and an endorsement for your services. Judy is a trooper and stood ready to help. Please thank her for me.

Your satisfied client,


Dear Lorraine, We became very acclimatised to South Africa in the three weeks we were there and we miss much of the character of the people we met there and the wonderful things we did there, even after allowances for a little bit of physical pain. I want to add, that the few of our friends and relatives who were "in the loop" about what we had done at the clinic, were impressed with how we looked, and what we told them about the treatment we received.

Thank you.


Just saw you on channel five brought back lots of memories, hope you and Rick are well program was good. Please pass my good wishes to Rick. I am really pleased with the work he did


Thank you for notifying me about the programme on ch. 5. I was aware it was on. I was glued to the screen and also taped it. I feel so much more positive about the whole thing after seeing it. Seeing you and Rick was nice and I am looking forward to meeting you. The clinic and hotel all looks so nice and hearing and seeing what happened to everyone was very reassuring. Going in a group seems to be very supportive. The programme has confirmed my belief that I am doing the right thing and now I can't wait.

Best Wishes to you all, Viv

Hi Lorraine,

Our daughter Natasha, who was visiting from England, said that my face now looked, "fuller, rounder and like a baby-face"! Well, I'm not complaining about that and whatever you did, you certainly have magical-hands. I have to admit that my last face-lift, done in Boston in 1991 by a rather famous surgeon, was in no way as satisfactory as the one you have done.

Thank you!


Hi Lorraine, I would like to thank you so very much, not only for such a wonderful face-lift, but especially for the concern and care shown to me post-operatively. I personally have never experienced such kindness and my husband, who is usually very cynical about the medical profession, is very impressed with you and your staff. Thank you.


Hi Lorraine,

I'm sorry I cannot attend your media evening on Monday. I can only add that I am very happy with the results of my surgery and I had a superb relaxing holiday away from it all. I am saving up for the liposuction and another fabulous holiday in your beautiful country. Lots of love to all the friends I made.

From Alexis.

CBSDear Loraine,

Well what can I say. You and your company made the world news!! Congratulations!!

I saw you live on CNN Headline News. Pretty impressive. So we have finally met so to speak!!

The problem is that every person who has travelled to SA in the past year is to be suspect of having had some plastic work done. Indeed you may have blown my cover!!! I mean people like me sign up because of the complete autonomy, but if Surgeons & Safari are all over the world news where does that leave us. Actually I am not worried at all because even my 2 sons did not notice that I had any surgery, so in that respect it was a complete success. I am happy and that is all that counts.

Anyway, just though I'd drop you a line, probably one of many that you have received.

Please stay in contact.

Love Dan

I am VERY pleased with my face!! I could not resist telling a friend in UK. She was shocked!! However she will not see the result until November so it will look even better by then.

I have my daughter coming to visit next week. I will not tell her - I wonder if she will notice?

Thank you for the time and the experience with you all in SA. I shall certainly recommend you if I should happen to hear that anyone is interested in cosmetic surgery - as I am not telling anyone it is a bit difficult to spread the word!

My love to Gillian and I will get in touch when next down.

Love Romayne


We just arrived last night and were well pleased with the professionalism and team approach that Surgeons and Safari and Lionel have forged. I own an International consulting firm and work assisting firms from a variety of places worldwide in their efforts to push for US markets. I have to say that you really have a great approach with respect to the US market. I suspect that you will see increased demand for your services as a large segment of our 'business class" begins to consider surgical options. Someone will get that market and I believe you have a perfect model. If anything, judging by increased demand in key US cities, By properly marketing, you may find more demand than your surgical teams could accommodate.

Both Mary and I were well pleased with the results so far. We will be happy to support you in emails with other prospective customers.

Judy is a wonderful person. She is very professional and warm, but not at all intrusive. Her presence particularly made Mary more comfortable.

Thanks for all of your communication and assistance. If we can be of help to you ~ please let us know.

Mary & Walt.

I just wanted to let you know that I made it home in one piece. I am doing really well. The swelling is going down a little bit each day. My friends and family who have seem my "new face" are very impressed. I would highly recommend Dr. Jedeikin. He also has a very appealing personality and made me feel very comfortable in a somewhat scary situation.

I was very pleased with the entire package. Since I am in the tourism business and the daughter of a surgical nurse I can sometimes be more judgemental than many. I can honestly say it was an excellent experience. Judy was a fine companion during the surgery and recovery process and I was glad to have her help.

I liked the Mount Nelson Hotel..... I spent quite a bit of time at the wharf, not only shopping but also, dining, the aquarium, the Imax. The staff certainly aims to please.

My favourite tour was the Peninsula Tour and then I enjoyed the Wine Country tour quite a lot.

I am confident that I will continue my good recovery. I will certainly visit South Africa again. It is a most beautiful country.

If you would like to use me as a testimonial, just let me know.

In the meantime, thank you for a memorable holiday.


Carol Fox

So much has changed, I was so wrong when I thought having my ears done would not change my life!

I have really enjoyed being single, never had so much fun for ages.

My attitude at work has changed too, I just seem to have an air of confidence that was lacking before and I feel so much more in control.

I am so glad I had my ears done now.

My ears have been no trouble at all.


I had a lovely chat with the two ladies who flew to the States last night. They were such gems while they were here. I told them that they can now tell people that they have family in Johannesburg since they did become part of the Westcliff family. They also loved Lorraine - NO SURPRISE there.

You have such wonderful people staying with us!!

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you immensely for everything whilst I was there. I did not expect the experience I had and it was a very welcome one. I enjoyed myself but more than that I feel as if I "found" part of myself too. I am really very grateful to you for sharing your time with me and for introducing me to the wonderful people I met. I feel a new - and slightly bustier, woman! It is a strange feeling - I feel ready to take on the world - and win!

Mary - UK

I am sure that - after today's article in the Washington Post - you will be inundated with e-mail. Let me at the forefront of that deluge. It is like a dream come true - well, two dreams to be precise: combining my life dream of a safari with liposuction.

Telin - USA

I did my research in the United States into the cost, what the procedure consisted of and recuperation time needed. With this, realizing that as a working women, wife, mother of two young boys and several family pets that I would never manage to have the relaxation time to recuperate not to mention the exuberant cost that I would need to cover. After four years had passed from my youngest sons birth I travelled to South Africa as a tour leader on one of my companies VIP groups. On this two week safari into some of Southern Africans most exquisite lodges being pampered with massages, facials, body raps and having plenty of relaxation time to think of how I would love to finally improve my body and appearance. It dawned on me that for almost 20 years I have been travelling to this wonderful country with the finest surgeons in the world, that what better place to have body alterations and improvements than right here in SOUTH AFRICA.

On my return home I quickly looked on the internet to locate this Surgeons and Safaris performing the exact surgery that I was looking for along with numerous others. I emailed advising that I wanted liposuction, a mini tummy tuck and a breast lift (augmentation) in just a few hours I would be in touch with one of the most inspiring, incredible ladies I have ever met Lorraine Melvill (Founder and Owner of Surgeons and Safaris). She emailed me the quote which was about a third of the cost including my airline cost. I knew this was it. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I booked my procedures and before I new it a month had gone by and I was on my way back to South Africa for a 2 day safari at Entenbeni returning to Johannesburg Rosebank Clinic for my long awaited surgery.

SafariI was met by a "personal assistant from Surgeon & Safari taken to Dr Rick Van Poel's office for my first consultation. Wow, this was something to write home about not only was I ten thousand miles from home having surgery but I couldn't have felt more comfortable. They check me in to the hospital which was already prepared by Surgeon & Safari prior to my arrival. Before I new it I was in my room, changing into my gown, and into surgery. It couldn't have run smoother. I couldn't have been more impressed with the outcome. Dr. Van Der Poel who showed off his incredible talents to the attentive nursing staff who took care of my every need, and the first class hospital facility. Two days in the hospital I was returned to the 5 star Westcliff Hotel to spend the remaining part of my trip being pampered with room service, spa treatments, transportation to where I needed to go on call. This is where the rejuvenation and empowerment come in that past clients speaks about. It was amazing, an experience of a life time and a part of my life I will always remember fondly.

Kim Van Aswegen

Still thrilled by my trip. the whole experience was such a gift.

Again, many many thanks.

Peter - USA

Dear Lorraine,

I have been reading about you since the starting of Surgeon-and-Safari! Never before has any venture captured my mind, soul and almost everything like this one!! Well done and I hope that your business will grow from strength to strength!!


I read about Surgeon and Safari and I was very interested, thank you for the valuable info about this surgery it is very honest unlike other plastic surgery centers.

July - USA

Dear Lorraine,

I had a really good time in South Africa, and I am already looking forward to visiting Cape Town again. I would like to thank you for your part in organising the trip and coordinating things. In particular, I had a great time on the safari, As you know, I am also delighted with the results of my surgery. I have barely any scars at all now, even the ones under my breasts are small and are fading every day. My parents have both admitted that the new nose looks good So, all in all, I couldn't really have asked for more pleasing results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the whole "Surgeon and Safari" package.

Love Rachel - UK

I am delighted that Lorraine gave you my email. I cannot rave highly enough about our experience. To answer your question, no, we did not go over ahead of time for a consultation.

I researched the surgeons and hospital online and asked Lorraine some very pointed questions. It took me roughly six months to finally make up my mind to go. As Lorraine has said, I was her hardest client to date.

My fiancé and I went together. He had surgery on his upper and lower eyelids. I had my upper eyelids done, a "mini" face lift, liposuction and a "mini" tummy tuck.

I had always wanted to travel to South Africa, so, prior to going, I had decided that if I was not comfortable with the surgeon -- or any aspect of the procedures -- I would not go through with the surgeries and would simply have a great two week vacation.

As a matter of fact, once I met with Dr. Van der Poel -- and as we talked --I became totally confident. He completely understood that I did not want to change my looks, rather enhance them and push the clock back. He showed me what he intended to do and what he felt would be best for me. He put me completely at ease and told me that up until the actual time of surgery, it was my option to change my a matter of fact, he did ask me that question the morning of my surgery. His skill as an artist is superb. As a matter of fact, he studied under someone I knew in the States who was known as the "father" of plastic surgery here.

I have had previous surgeries (not involving cosmetic surgery) and in comparing the treatment in Johannesburg with treatment here (including the world famous Johns Hopkins), I can honestly say the care and skill of everyone we came in contact with from Rick van der Poel, to the anesthesiologist to the nursing staff was second to none.

Pain was minimal and our recuperation was delightful. It was amazing to me that when the stitches were removed, there was very minimal bruising, swelling, etc. After a few days, we felt well enough to go anywhere...and we did. We took a car and driver and had a delightful day trip to Sun City.

We chose to go on safari after the surgeries and spent an absolutely delightful 2 days at the Kingfisher Lodge in the Entabeni reserve.

Further, the facility and staff at The Westcliff were outstanding. Whatever we asked for, we received.

Lorraine was completely attentive and took great care in making sure that all details were well taken care of.

Rick accomplished everything I make me look the same, but more rested, clothes fit much better...even my golf is better!

We loved everything about Johannesburg, the reserve we visited, the people, the restaurants...and look forward to spending more time there and in other parts of South Africa.


Dear Lorraine,

I cannot begin to tell how well everything has been organised. Lionel is a super trooper and his professionalism and bedside manner inspired confidence. He is not a plastic surgeon but an artist. His colleague, Shane and assistant Debbie were also brilliant. After the op, Shane even visited me before God to check on me and admire the artistry. Lionel was constantly on the phone to show interest and care. Debbie has everybody under control and does so with friendliness, efficiency and interest.

As for the guest house, both Allison and Hamish not only provided great support but also gastronomy, comfort (and most importantly) friendship. I can recommend their home for a superlative stay. Knowing that there are kind and committed people around you is the best curative treatment I know.

Judy is also extremely capable. Her common sense, expertise and experience were very much appreciated. I would like to keep her too.

Top marks for everybody including yourself. Good team and superbly organised from enquiry to exit. The metamorphosis is profoundly worthwhile. Filmstar? I am more than ready for my take!

Much love

James and Walter


Dear Lorraine,

On Sunday evening I felt sad at leaving Cape Town. Almost homesick. How strange or was I just addicted to the Mount Nelson? Thanks for your call in Cape Town and e-mail. My computer has been down hence the delay. One of my friends said on seeing me "you look younger or have you had cosmetic surgery?". I confessed. They all think its brilliant. Lionel is a genius and Judy simply a darling. Love to them both.

Lots of Love,


I was reading an online newsletter today (Mediatoolbox) and I came across a story about you and your business. Congratulations on developing such a clever international business. It is so wonderful to read about spirited South African’s overcoming the fear of being African in a 1st world dominated world economy.

Kind regards,

Richard - Boston, MA .

Lorraine I felt particularly honoured to be invited to this conversation with you. Keep up the good work, you have meant a lot to plastic surgeons in SA as a group, although they may not acknowledge you for it. Dr. van der Westhuizen

I'm great. Africa still looks good on me and people say I look younger due to some peculiar reason. Hope to return to SA hopefully this year.


I can tell you that having a companion and organiser like Judy was a great help, Staying at the Curries was the perfect way to convalesce and I cannot thank Alison enough for her generous hospitality , and care The surgery was excellent and I am very grateful to Lionel for his expertise.

Geraldine - UK

Just to let you know that I arrived back safely. I had a wonderful time . Entabeni was incredible, the highlight of the whole trip, I'm so glad I did it.

Nose is great and everyone has commented on how 'well' I look! Everyone thinks it is the new hair-do. Happy for you to give my details to other women considering Scalpel and Safari.

Joy - London

I wanted to thank you very much for your time, attention and sympathy during my stay in SA. You, Rick and The Westcliff managed to make the whole experience a real pleasure.

Hazel - London

I felt sad at leaving Cape Town. Almost homesick. How strange or was I just addicted to the Mount Nelson? Thanks for your call in Cape Town and e-mail. One of my friends said on seeing me "you look younger or have you had cosmetic surgery?". I confessed. They all think its brilliant. Lionel is a genius and Judy simply a darling.

Donald - UK

Again, let me also thank both of you for what I anticipate in the end will be fantastic results. Even with my high expectations I never thought I'd be so happy with the results.

Else - New York

Dear Lorraine,

I would like to congratulate you on the success of your venture. You certainly have put SA on the map as far as this type of "scalpel safari" is concerned. I have recently spent 3 weeks overseas on a conference and visiting other doctors and everybody knows about this due to your effort.


God bless you for your ethical response!

Faith Mcinerney - USA

"Hi Lorraine!

It was all brill, jus' brill. I've only got little marks below my eyes now (smile still wonky) but face looks really good. Keep looking in the mirror .... and figure starting to look sexy too. I'm really thrilled, The bush was really excellent. Just loved it. Lorraine, thanks for being so amazing ..... it was just so nice to do all those things, have dinner, see the play, and Chocolat and journalists, read your books ..... just everything. I keep thinking about it all. Hope all's going well with Shonali and Michelle." Love, Jane - UK

"Thank you! I can see why so many of your clients regard you so highly! You are a very organized and thoughtful coordinator/hostess."


" I am impressed by the after operation care, which really is not up-to-par here in the States " Tuula, New York USA "I am healing rather well - no further problems at all. The trip to SA was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

What started as a "beauty treatment" turned into a soul-searching pilgrimage. Truly I discovered myself during this trip. The effects have been so powerful and will reflect in my life here in US as well."

Thank you for all your help!


"This is excellent advertising for you and for South Africa, Congratulations! Unfortunately I had my Op in the UK because of time limits. It cost me a fortune and I'm not happy with the results, so I'm definitely booking my next Op with you guys early in the New Year."

London UK

" I did not know where this service was available - South Africa has an excellent medical reputation and the recuperation accommodation is a big plus as well."

Boston USA

"I'm VERY excited now that this is coming together - I want to say a big thank you for working with us the way you have."

Seattle USA

" I am not sure when I will return to South Africa but it has a special place in my heart."

Shirley, Canada

" Thanks for your care and attention."

Diana, UK

" I would like to do some advertising for you in our Dental practice - The South African medical profession has earned their credibility among the British public."

Wilma Rossouw. UK


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