Press Release - Surgeon and Safari iLasik vision correction surgery offered at The Sandhurst Eye Clinic - October 2008

Surgeon and Safari Orthopeadic surgery offered at Rosebank Hospital's Centre for Sports Medicine - August 2008

Trademark Registered in UK and USA – May 2003

How to create a global success story in SA
Lorraine Melvill

Founder member, Lorraine Melvill catches the lime light.




The changing face of medical tourism in Africa

September, 2009

Lorraine Melvill, has been running Surgeon & Safari, a South African medical tourism facilitator for over ten years. She talked to IMTJ about the changing face of African Medical Tourism and the importance of standardising Medical Tourism Associations and facilitators across the world.

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Lorraine Melvill

20 March 2009

Beautiful business

Shoks Mzolo with Surgeon & Safari founder Lorraine Melvill at Doppio Zero, Rosebank, Johannesburg

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Destiny Magazine



Nips, Tucks, Drills and Scalpels

By Jolene Raison

Lorraine Melvill : Cutting- Edge Travel

If you’ve never heard the term ”Medical Tourism”, then meet Lorraine Melvill, owner and founder of Surgeon and Safari, the company that ...

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Nip and Tuck and Safari Deal

Forget Africa’s big game or unspoiled scenery. More and more foreign tourists are coming to South Africa for a little nip and tuck at the country’s private hospitals, with a safari on the side.

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Mediese ‘safari’s’ na SA raak gewilder
26/10/2008 11:31:23 PM - (SA)

Kaapstad. - Terwyl die internasionale markte steeds steier onder die globale ekonomiese krisis, tel ’n groeiende aan tal buitelanders eerder hul sen te vir ’n mediese “safari” na Suid-Afrika.
Volgens me. Lorraine Melvill, stigter van die onderneming Surgeon Safari’s wat in dié pakkette spesialiseer, is dié bedryf besig om groot munt te slaan uit Suid-Afrika se toerisme-aantreklikhede én ’n private gesondheidsektor van hoë gehalte.

Van die prosedures wat hier gedoen word, sluit onder meer in plastiese chirurgie aan die gesig, borsvergroting, tandheelkundige rekonstruksie, ortopediese rekon struk sie en ook haaroorplantings deur plastiese chirurge in die private gesondheidsektor.

Die ander deel van die pakket is toere na besienswaardighede tydens pasiënte se herstelfase.
Melvill het gister gesê die globale ekonomiese krisis en die vertoning van die rand teenoor oorsese geld-eenhede help ook dié bedryf.

“Ons kry tot 30 aansoeke ’n maand – die meeste hiervan uit Brittanje, die VSA, Australië en Singapoer.”

Volgens haar groei die bedryf sterk in Suid-Afrika, maar is dit mededingend omdat lande soos Indië en Indonesië ook hul ysters, veel goedkoper, in dié vuur gooi.
Melvill meen die bedryf kan selfs meer groei indien die regering ook sý gewig daaragter kan gooi.


South Africa's private hospitals, cosmetic surgery, safari on side

By Sibongile Khumalo
November 04, 2008 12:00am

FORGET Africa's big game or unspoiled scenery. Foreign tourists are coming to South Africa for a little nip and tuck at the country's private hospitals, with safari on the side...

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Travelling for Treatment

By Shoks Mzolo
8 February, 2008

Californian university professors Claudia Lowe and Barbara Weightman have returned to SA many times since their first visit seven years ago.

The trip back then was organised by Surgeon & Safari for medical purposes. This time the couple...

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If you’re looking for a little reconstruction with your recreation, there are plenty of global hotspots willing to take your foreign funds. Click to read the full article

BA High Life

Botox in the bush

By Lisa Witepski

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Essentails Magazine SA

December 2005

'A Brand New Smile'

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Business Day

More Britons opt for surgery and safari in SA 
Robin Millard

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Galamour .

Foreigners who arrive in droves to make their dreams a reality in South Africa know it, but do you? For those wanting to adopt, have the perfect wedding, have their sight restored, take advantage of some of the best medical care in the world or retire in beauty and peace, our country is increasingly a land of dreams to the entire international community. Perhaps its time we South Africans woke up to what's on our doorstep and started reaching for ours.

By Laura Twiggs.

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Reveal Magazine

UK March 2006
Freelance Journalists – Laure Mannering and Kelly Strange

Gorgeous gran seeks sexy man

I had a Facelift at 82

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Facelift for gran aged 82


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New York Times

December 11, 2005

You'll Probably Like the Food Served in these Recovery Rooms

By: Hillary Howards
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Sunday True Life

"Going on Safari took years off me"
Colleen Hiltbrunner went on the trip of a lifetime and came back a completely new Woman

Phillip Smith
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National Post

Scalpel Safari
A growing number of Canadians are going abroad for an array of plastic surgery treatments, from breast implants, tummy tucks and tangos to laser eye surgery and face lifts

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CBS News

Going To Extremes

Aug. 5, 2004

48 Hours takes a look at how more and more people are going to extremes to physically improve their appearance and achieve an edge in life.

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The Story of a scalpel safari



When Dawn Byrne told her mother that she was going to mark her birthday with a once- in-a-life-time holiday and a new body, she expected a shocked reaction. Instead, her mum, Azane French, asked if she could come along too…

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Carte Blanche

Scalpel Safaris
Date : 18 January 2004
Producer : Peta Krost
Presenter : Zaa Nkweta
Genre : Medical and Health

“Why plastic surgery? Why did you think that you needed to have plastic surgery?”

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US News

Diversions 1/19/04
Vacation makeovers

By Michelle Andrews

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Sunday Mail
Nov 9 2003

Scots go to South Africa for cheap op and holiday deals but medical experts warn they are risking their lives

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October 2003

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Financial Times

Seek out beauty, take in the beasts

By Nicol Degli Innocenti
Aug 01, 2003

If you have a friend who comes back from a holiday in South Africa looking great, be suspicious.

That smooth complexion and radiant smile might well be due to the benefits of a few weeks' rest in a country blessed with a wealth of unspoilt natural beauty.

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£1,800 for a bum job

By Diana Appleyard, Evening Standard
4 March 2003
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Daily Telegraph

The Orthodontal Tourist

Dentists in far-flung destinations are giving British holidaymakers something to smile about,says Ellen Himelfarb

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It’s all in the attitude

January 2003
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The Guardian
Scalpel Safaris

Rory Carroll
Tuesday December 17, 2002
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Channel 5

Sun 'n' surgery

New - Meet the travelers on a package holiday with a difference
10TH DEC 2002

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Forbes .

Travel Feature
Sun, Fun & Plastic Surgery?
Christina Valhouli

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Medical tourists are
falling in love with Jo'burg

July 26, 2002

By Philippa Garson
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Scalpel Safaris

First class cosmetic surgery at Third World prices?

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Financial Mail


Medical tourism has made SA a hot destination for face and boob lifts

By Peter Wilhelm
September, 2002

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Wedneday, 04 September


Travel: A surgical break?
SONIA EVANS WAS starting to feel desperate. A 39-year-old mother of two, she had piled on the pounds during both pregnancies. She had also recently divorced. Her confidence was at a low ebb until she read about Surgeon & Safari.
James Ellis investigates.

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CNN HD World

13 August 2002

Beauty and the bush

Tourists enjoy safari with surgery, but some experts worry

-- CNN's Becky Anderson and Katrine Lundgreen contributed to this report.

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Restore and rejuvenate

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CNN HD Travel

Surgery and safari vacations a hot trend
An eyeful and a tummy tuck

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CompanyAugust 2002


Written by: Jenny Wood

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Why the rich and famous are flocking to SA for their nips and tucks

By Lynne Gidish
June 2002

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Seatle Times
African safaris never looked better: You can get a tummy tuck on tour

By Jon Jeter

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My Post

First Liposuction, Then Lions
Low-Cost Plastic Surgery Draws Tourists to S. Africa

By Jon Jeter
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, June 8, 2002; Page A01

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Cut and come again
Fancy a change this year? South Africa is the destination for elephants, hippos - and rhinoplasty, says Yvonne Yao

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Business Doctor
First Quarter, 2002

Foreigners flock to South African GPs and surgeons

"Nose jobs, boob enhancements, tummy-tucks and more - they're stacking up as South Africa's biggest medical bargain bash ever."

By Yom Nevin

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Sunday Independent

Meet the entrepeneur who put South Africa on the nip 'n tuck world map, offering cosmetic surgery and the chance to relax in a top hotel afterwards

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Wall Street Journal

By Michelle Higgins
17TH APRIL 2002

Some agents spotted opportunities in niche markets ahead of the current industry shakeout. For instance, Lorraine Melvill's Surgeon & Safari, of Johannesburg, was born three years ago after a relative got a facelift in South Africa at a price well below U.S. fees. Ms. Melvill says she does a brisk business arranging trips for tourists who want affordable South African cosmetic surgery, either in Cape Town or Johannesburg, with a safari vacation rolled in. Clients usually do the safari first, then go under the knife; they spend the rest of the trip recuperating in a five-star hotel tended by a personal assistant.


Surgeons and safaris: a South African success
Andrew Miller

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Daily Telegraph

Sun, sea - and surgery

Cape Town for face-lifts, Brazil for firmer bottoms . . . On holiday we're now checking into a clinic as well as a hotel. It's cheaper than at home, but is it safe?

Sophie Campbell reports

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ABC News

abc Lee

Scalpel Safari
On Mike Lee's Road to Anywhere, he came across fellow American travelers, looking for adventure, wildlife … and a new look through liposuction.

Irish Independent

Going on a holiday for sun, safari and surgery=20

Tourists to South Africa come home with more than a tan after a "scalpel safari". MARIANNE HERON reports.

A new breed of tourist to South Africa is returning home with more than a tan to account for their glowing good looks. The secret lies not only in the holiday of a lifetime in game parks or the Cape winelands but the chance to transform face or figure at the same time.

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BBC News

By Joanna Ross in Cape Tow

Lorraine Melvill is Managing Director of Surgeon and Safari, which provides personalised programmes of cosmetic surgery.

She has about 20 clients a month, largely from the UK, who come and stay in a top Cape Town hotel, have their chosen operation, recuperate by the pool and then go off on a safari.

She told BBC News Online: "Many of our face lift ladies feel quite shy of the bruising at first, but once they realise they don't know anyone here they go off in sunglasses and a hat and have a wonderful time."


Travel Feature

South Africa's Better Images

Christina Valhouli

Promotions such as "Surgery and Safari" packages are increasingly popular. These lure Americans and Europeans with puffy eyes or sagging jowls to come for a facelift and then recuperate at one of the country's top game lodges at a fraction of what the surgery would cost in the States: $19,000 for a full-body liposuction in the U.S., compared with $8,500 for the surgery and a stay in a game lodge.



Cutting a Deal on Plastic Surgery in South Africa

By Samson Mulugeta
12 February, 2002

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The Star

Big Five and a nip 'n tuck lure overseas adventures

By Samson Mulugeta
14 February, 2002


Adventurers spot rhinoplasty on scalpel safaris

South Africa's low-cost plastic surgery is attracting tourists seeking more than wild animals, writes Herald Correspondent Ed O'Loughlin in Johannesburg.

Glamour August 2001
Sun, Sand & Boob Jobs...

By: Viv Groskop

Financial Week
8th February, 2002
Mom, I wanted to be a pretty boy

It's official - men are just as vein as woman

By Handrie Basson

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The Age

4 August 2001

Ed O'Loughlin in Johannesburg

Internationally, doctors have long noticed a rise in the number of people shopping abroad for cosmetic surgery. South Africa is doing particularly well on this international market because it competes strongly on quality and price.

Costs vary according to the type of surgery requested, but Lorraine Melvill says a typical facelift costs between 5000 ($A13,700) and 10,000 in London, but only 3000 in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

She says the holiday itself is a major attraction to many who come. Despite its large variety of dangerous animals, the African bush is a remarkably peaceful, relaxing place.

"Most of my customers end up with a real love of Africa and the bush," she says. "The visit to the bush is a healing element in itself."

Come to sunny South Africa, have a face lift, see a lion.

By: Julienne du Toit and photographs by Chris Marais

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29 July 2001

Tourists offered plastic surgery and safari package

London Life
Plastic surgery... on safari
by Decca Aitkenhead

When Shonali Rodrigues returns from her trip to South Africa she will have more than a suntan to show for her travels. The beautiful 27-year-old is bringing home a souvenir she has wanted since she turned 13.

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The cotsman

New look tourism

South African tourism has long relied heavily on the famous big five - lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. Nowadays, there is lipo, nose-job, face-lift, breast implant and tummy tuck as well.

La Times

July 2001

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March 2001

Business Day ,

Business Day

Sunday Independent

Newsweek Newsweek

March 2001

Esther Pan

Now the travel industry has hit upon a novel approach to capitalize on the trend: surgery-and-safari packages. Increasingly agencies are offering face-lifts and tummy tucks as part of vacation packages that include safari trips, sightseeing and shopping.

Photography by Tim Zielenbach


Marika Foreigners are cashing in on our favourable exchange rate and our world-class expertise in cosmetic and ophthalmic surgery.

Lifestyle Editor: Marika Sboros

Carmen " Worth every dollar" …. American Carmen Gutsche had both cosmetic and eye surgery performed during her 12 day 'Surgeon & Safari' to South Africa.

South Africa is a popular destination for foreigners wanting to have cosmetic surgery. The exchange rate has fuelled the trend, as has the reputation of South African surgeons.
The Internet is speeding up the process.

Health Matters - Verve

Surgeon & Safari founder and director, Lorraine Melvill, chose the five star Westcliff Hotel because of its elegant location, its proximity to local surgeons and clinics and its discreet layout.

Gutsche found her experience: "As pleasant as possible, with surprisingly little pain..."

" I never felt alone, " she added. " I like the extensive services offered by Surgeon & Safari, including companionship..."

Lifestyle Editor: Marika Sboros

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