"Could go on forever about my wonderful experiences in your lovely country..."


Hi Lorraine,

Well I'm home now for a couple of weeks and miss you and South Africa VERY MUCH! Cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting with you and experiencing your friendship the whole time I was there. You made me feel so comfortable and secure, but most important that I made a friend whom I could trust implicitly. That is probably everybody's reaction who has had the opportunity of spending time in your care, but for me it was more than just a successful medical procedure (which it definitely was) but the opportunity for a meaningful friendship to develop. Both Phillip and I think you are the greatest, and cherish the time we spent with you. I have not ignored your "Client Feedback" request...
I shall be scanning and hopefully sending it off to you shortly.

Rick's work is absolutely amazing and I am delighted with the results. Reaction here by people who knew of the surgery are unanimous; they cannot get over how natural the change is. For those who haven't been told, the most often heard response is that I have a "healthy glow" and look terrific. Only my hairdresser asked if I had cosmetic surgery, but she has known me for twenty years and probably notices things that would escape most people.

Your selection and arrangements for Mhondoro Lodge worked out beautifully. Both Phillip and I were overwhelmed with our accommodations, the staff's attention, the spotting of animals was unbelieveable, as we saw four of the Big 5 on the first afternoon, something our guide thought was most amazing. The most important feature however was the quality of our guide. He was a most sympatico individual with a wonderful sense of humour that totally relaxed one immediately.......but most important, so terribly knowledgeable about every phase of the nature experience, from flora, fauna, the stars, the concept of the African safari experience in terms of conservation, etc., etc. I now realize it is this person who can make or break the whole adventure, and for this reason highly recommend the place to my friends. I have several who are really keen to go.

Your flight arrangements were dead on for timing, again many thanks, since I could never have done this without you. Loved the Cape, probably have cirrhosis of the liver and if so will die happy. Still think 3 Cape Ladies by Warwick is one of the best!! Please thank Tertia for all her wonderful suggestions....followed her map and did all of her circled suggestions, which was critical given all the many wineries to choose from in that area. This really made that part of our trip exceptional.

Could go on forever about my wonderful experiences in your lovely country, but know how pressed for time you always are and the time you need to give your "charges", so will say goodbye for now. Just know you are in my thoughts and gratitude. Look after yourself and much continued success.

With much love,


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