"The medical care I received was first-class and very personal. I would most definitely recommend anyone who is considering surgery to visit South Africa."


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Foreigners who arrive in droves to make their dreams a reality in South Africa know it, but do you? For those wanting to adopt, have the perfect wedding, have their sight restored, take advantage of some of the best medical care in the world or retire in beauty and peace, our country is increasingly a land of dreams to the entire international community. Perhaps its time we South Africans woke up to what's on our doorstep and started reaching for ours.
By Laura Twiggs.


GlamourDebbie is 39 year old an ideal Tummy tuck Candidate as she is at her optimum weight and yes after her 2 pregnancies has been unable to get rid of the excess skin

Debbie says the greatest benefit was being away from home where she could just consider her own needs and being taken care of in a comfortable home from home environment with none of her own home stresses

'Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet' That used to epitomise a certain South African 'dream'. But how times have changed. These days, South Africa is gaining an international reputation as a far more credible venue for the realisation of huge and life-changing dreams. It is here that they are experiencing true life-change, unforgettable milestones that mean they reclaim parts of themselves, meet their innermost desires and find the lives they wish to live. And as a bonus, they still get to see the big five, experience a jazz evening in a shebeen or simply absorb the tranquillity of the African bush. Here are just four dreamers who have had their lives changed on our shores.

All Included Cost
R 47 200
R 32 000
12 day Accommodation package
R 15 200
- Meals , refreshments, room, Transfers, assistance and support, Laundry - no hidden cost



Lorraine Melvill started Surgeon and Safari in 1999, specifically targeting foreign patients. Since then, says Lorraine, the company has seen an annual growth of around 100 percent. "Our main market is in the UK, as we have our surgeons fly to London to offer face-to-face consultation and follow ups every three months, followed by USA, Canada, Asia, New Zealand, Africa and Europe", says Lorraine. There's a wide age range of patients, depending on the elected procedure. So, what is it really that makes this the land of dreams for prospective cosmetic and dental surgery patients? "Privacy, after care and support, professional skills and our reputation for a full inclusive service," says Lorraine. And then there's the chance to see lions and elephants while recovering in a luxurious bush lodge, too.


Debbie is a carer to the elderly. She is married to Karl, and has three children: Laura (16), Jordan (9), and Harry (7). She had a tummy tuck, a hernia repaired, and her stomach muscles sewn together.

"I had thought about having the op for about six years because no matter how hard I exercised, the excess skin after having Jordan would not shift. After having my two boys I'd gone from a petite size 10 to a size 12. It started really to play on my mind, and in July 2004 I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to have a tummy tuck. By this time I had become very depressed and both my husband and me decided that for me to have the op would be a good idea. What finalised this was when I was getting out of the bath and my then six-year-old Harry looked at my tummy and said, ' I do love you mummy, but what are we going to do about that tummy?


I started doing some research and found that in the UK, I would have only two days of recuperation in hospital. I really didn't think I would be able to cope with my family and the chores around the house after just two days, and I imagined that I would become really depressed, which wasn't going to make things any better. Then I read an article in a magazine about a woman who'd had the same op in South Africa, and who had a two-week recuperation. This sounded far more realistic to me. My first consultation was on the 27th of October 2005, with Dr Rick Van der Pole in London. I was delighted to find that he thought I was a perfect candidate for surgery. I flew out to SA on the 30th of Oct and arrived on the 31st. I had never been to South Africa before, and if it weren't for my operation, I probably would never have gone there. I was well prepared for the op and didn't feel at all nervous about it. I felt excited.

I had my operation on the 1st of November, at Johannesburg's Rosebank Clinic, where I stayed for two nights. After that, I literally didn't do anything for two weeks, except rest by the pool or in my room. The whole procedure was better than I had expected. The results were fantastic and my stomach was really flat, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. The medical care I received was first-class and very personal. I would most definitely recommend anyone who is considering surgery to visit South Africa. I also saved £900 by not having it done in the UK, and on top of this, had a two-week holiday at the same time!

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