"...this transformation has unlocked an independent woman that was hidden inside me.
It's changed me emotionally and it's made me much more open"


Essentails Magazine SA

December 2005

'A Brand New Smile'

JeanetteJeannette age 30 is a jet-setting medical rep. Extensive dental work and a breast reduction has transformed her inside and out.
"I was born with a gap on each side on my lower jaw, and because there was no bone, no teeth developed there. As a teenager I remember the look on boys‚ faces when they first saw my smile I like, 'Okay, she's cute, only it's a pity about the teeth.' Financially, I've never been in position to have it surgically corrected, so shying away from attention and covering my mouth when I chatted to others became part of who I was."

"My Breast size was too exaggerated for my petite frame, and my sporty lifestyle was impeded. I grew increasingly unhappy with my appearance, and my desire to have cosmetic surgery became more serious as I saw more and more prominent TV programmes about makeovers. I found myself buying magazines with cover lines about plastic surgery, and whenever I saw people with beautiful smiles, I'd wonder what was holding me back. I started researching my options by searching the Net and building up some savings, my ideal was starting to take shape at last!"

"Initially, I was desperate to keep it from my partner, afraid he would think I was vain. But he surprised me in more that one way. He quietly pulled up a chair behind me one evening while I was busily surfing the cosmetic surgery sites and gently asked why I was so spellbound about it all. He firmly stated that although he thought I didn't need any surgery, he would support me all the way if I wanted to have it done. He also offered to pay for it!

"I am a very private person and I liked the idea of booking a complete retreat and building my recovery time into a holiday of sorts. I came across Surgeon and Safari and immediately set to work with finalising my trip. Everything is co-ordinated for the patient and you just book in and are swept off to your various specialists appointments. My Lower jaw was built up and titanium implants were fixed. My breasts were reduced to a perky, youthful shape that looks beautiful. I was in no rush, so I stayed on for a few weeks and I felt more comfortable knowing that my recovery was being monitored professionally. "I am very ambitious in my career and this transformation has unlocked an independent woman that was hidden inside me. It's changed me emotionally and it's made me much more open - my inner leader has been released. It's amazing how our physical appearances can hold us back! I'm much more comfortable in my own skin and I feel rejuvenated.

My Colleagues don‚t know about my surgery, and it will be a nice surprise for them to see me now. I would definitely consider further surgery, and when I have my permanent crowns fitted in six months time I might be tempted to have my right eyelid lifted. I'd recommend plastic surgery to anyone who is unhappy with their looks, but they have to be financially and spiritually prepared. Keep focused on what you want to achieve after the surgery and sty optimistic. And if you're lucky, an understanding and supportive partner might help you fulfil your ideals."


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