“...And being in Johannesburg, recuperating at our own pace helped us heal that much faster, by the time we’d had our safari, we were completely relaxed and ready to go home."


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When Dawn Byrne told her mother that she was going to mark her birthday with a once- in-a-life-time holiday and a new body, she expected a shocked reaction. Instead, her mum, Azane French, asked if she could come along too…

The two women bounced along in an open-top jeep through the African bush, giggling as they hit a pothole. “You two ladies OK in the back?” asked the ranger, the handsome native ranger. “It’s a bumpy ride. But you probably haven’t even noticed, have you?”

But Dawn and Azane French noticed. Because with each ounce came a stab of pain, then howls of laughter at the sheer madness of being on safari just days after undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery on their breast and tummies.

Mother and daughter had flown from Heathrow 10 days earlier on Dawns 30th Birthday to have surgery.

“I was so unhappy with my body” explains Dawn, a beautician. “Clothes shopping was awful, I was a size 12, but a large 14 around my tummy, it was virtually impossible to find clothes that didn’t hid the saggy folds of loose skin. “I decided surgery was the answer and talked to my husband Chris, 34 about it. He realized how unhappy I was and said he would delay buying a car if I wanted surgery. “Then I spotted an article on a company called Surgeon and Safari in a magazine, I was so impressed by the glowing report given by one of its clients that I looked them up on the internet and booked a consultation with one of the surgeons for the next time he was in London.” South Africa was where I really wanted to go. What better way to be received after cosmetic surgery than watching rhinos and lions? “I was worried about telling Mum, Excepting her to worry. But she hugged me. Told me she wouldn’t let me go there alone and then asked if she could have a consultation with the surgeon too! It turned out she’d been unhappy with her boobs and belly for a while, but never had the courage to get the fixed.”

So Dawn and Azane travelled to the other side of the world and found not only stunning scenery but treatment systems that pandered to their every whim. “We had adjoining rooms in a private clinic in Johannesburg.” Says Azane, 52 a night career, “Dawn had her surgery first: lipo on her bum and Tummy Tuck. When she was Finished, I was wheeled down for a Breast reduction and Tummy tuck. “I wasn’t doing it to look younger – just to gain more confidence. Previously partners had talked me out of a reduction, but as I was getting older, my boobs got lower, along with my self esteem.”

The dramatic effects of the surgery were instantly apparent. Even under bandages, Azane’s once 36EE chest looked pert and almost half its original size. Both women’s stomach, although slightly swollen, was almost flat.

And it’s not just Dawn and Azane who travelled across the world for a new look – a favourable Sterling / Rand exchange rate and the chance to recuperate away from the prying eyes is encouraging hundreds of other Brits to flock there.

“in the UK, I was quoted £ 5 800 for a tummy Tuck”, says Dawn. “in South Africa, the price was equivalent to £ 2 400 – even with flights and 5 star accommodation, it didn’t come near the £ 5000 mark. And being in Johannesburg, recuperating at our own pace helped us heal that much faster, by the time we’d had our safari, we were completely relaxed and ready to go home. “Chris was thrilled! No saggy belly, but a size 10-12 body that was ready for a new wardrobe.”

Azane adds: “My boobs look great and are now a pert C/D cup. It’s like 30 years have been knocked off me and everyone tells me that’”

“The trip drew Dawn and me even closer ad I got my confidence back – I’m now sexy grandmother “But just seeing how Dawn has blossomed as a result of her surgery made the trip worth every penny.


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