“Melvill’s biggest challenge was believing her business model could succeed..."

Jolene Raison

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Nips, Tucks, Drills and Scalpels

By Jolene Raison

Lorraine Melvill : Cutting- Edge Travel

If you’ve never heard the term ”Medical Tourism”, then meet Lorraine Melvill, owner and founder of Surgeon and Safari, the company that spearheaded this growing global trend.

Proudly South African Melvill explains: “I was looking to start a business that was quintessentially different, taking advantage of the First World services obtained in SA, the quality and reputation of our private healthcare and the fact that many people have a need to travel and experience a true African Safari.”This a patient can travel to this country to enjoy a safari, undergo aesthetic surgery, recuperate with quality after-care, “and then go home and tell everyone Africa looks good on them !”

Melvill’s biggest challenge was believing her business model could succeed, in the midst of negative feedback and scepticism. Nevertheless, she persevered, heeding her own advice: “Do something that gives you personal satisfaction – give heart, do what you enjoy, focus on your strengths and be true to yourself all the time.”

It’s hardly surprising that with such a string will to succeed, Melvill doesn’t believe in allowing circumstances to dictate to her, but prefers to create situations that are advantageous. “We need to move beyond race and gender in the workplace. Success has nothing to do with them, “she says. Instead, she believes, it’s about finding a niche where you can use your strengths to excel and then adhere to your basic life ethics”.

She does, however, maintain that a lot can be done to equip woman for success. “Our education system needs to include intuitive awareness and personal belief in success. We should teach our youth how to nurture an idea and believe it can be possible, so we can embrace more entrepreneurs who aren’t mainstream.

“Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism industries' says Melvill. And she’s determined to be at the forefront of the trend.



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