Dear Rachel

If I told you honestly how wonderful I think the team are you would never believe me but I will just give you the full story of how it started with Surgeon & Safari.

I emailed an enquiry to Lorraine. Following several e-mails, she arranged a consultation for me with Dr Lionel Jedeikin in London, I felt it would be better to meet the consultant face to face as it was a huge commitment which I wanted to discuss before agreeing to anything. I was given the choice of two surgeons who were available at the time but I chose Lionel and after meeting him it confirmed by decision that he was a very pleasant man who made me feel very comfortable with the whole procedure. Whilst his qualifications were easily checked and as a highly qualified and experienced surgeon I was happy for him to commence the procedure. He made me feel very comfortable the whole time, which I think is important with any surgical procedure.

Through the planning stage, Lorraine confirmed details of arrangements that were put in place with regard to the accommodation, airport transfers, and an assigned representative for the duration of the stay, prices, and details of surgery. I was sent an invoice, booked my flights independently and paid my deposit in advance of travel and then we kept in touch, as it was some time before I travelled to Cape Town as I made the arrangements before Christmas but did not travel until May 2003.

On arrival in Cape Town I was met at the airport and driven to the guesthouse, where the housekeeper was charming and looked after me very well. I then met Judy the Cape Town representative who would be on call 24/7 and taking me to the clinic, hospital and appointments. I then attended an outpatient appointment with Dr Jedeikin and we discussed the following days surgery. I returned to the guesthouse and the following day Judy collected me in the morning to take me to the hospital, where she stayed with me while the nursing staff went through the medical details, Dr Jedeikin examined me again & discussed the procedure once more before the operation. The hospital team were very kind and supportive and nothing seemed too much trouble both before and after the procedure. It was just like any other operation, there was nothing different from the treatment I would expect in any private hospital with the medical team and nursing staff.

Following the operation I stayed in the hospital for a further twenty-four hours. Dr Jedeikin examined me and he remained in contact to check on my progress. I was then examined the following morning before discharge. It is certainly something I appreciated as in the breast implant surgery seems to be on a day case basis and I would never have managed at home on my own. Everything went well in the operation & then Judy took me back to the guesthouse the following day with a surgical bra, antibiotics and painkillers.

After that I spent a lot of time resting, it was a shock to me how little I could do and was glad for the support from everyone. Judy was in touch, as was Lorraine and I could contact Dr Jedeikin at any time if I wanted to. I stayed out there until the following week, where I attended a further outpatient appointment with Dr Jedeikin. I had my dressings changed and advice given and a further outpatient appointment booked in the UK for two weeks time after my return. Then I flew home and just had to remember to take it easy for a while, when I did push myself a bit too hard, I e-mailed the clinic and both Dr Jed and Lorraine were straight on the phone, they were great and Lionel gave me his mobile number to call if there were any problems, at all and Lorraine said I could see someone in London straight away but I was fine. I just did too much once I got home and had to take it easy for a couple of days after. I think the whole thing is a good idea and has worked very well, the surgery is more than equal to any in the UK and the service is something, which I have not found available here.

Nothing seemed too much trouble and even now two months after my return Lorraine has remained in touch in case there I have needed anything. I would have no hesitation in recommending both Dr Jedeikin or Surgeon and Safari for a similar procedure. I felt that the whole time I was being looked after and given lots of support and assistance, which seems lacking over here and from other clinics. I think with such an investment and invasive procedure that the level of support provided is very important. I am very pleased with the results and this week I can stop wearing the sports bra I have been in since the operation, which makes it all worthwhile.

The pain is pretty yuck straight after surgery, naturally. Within 24hrs it has halved and you just need to do nothing as there is someone there to do everything, I joked about it to my friends but at the time I said I could barely lift a tea bag. By the time you fly home, you will have a surgical bra & as you will not want to wear a tight shirt but basically anything to prevent them moving is a bonus. When I got back, my hand luggage had been too heavy & that hurt, so I learnt quickly to take it more easy. Then it just feels tender, like before a period, for a while, again restricting any bounce is good. I thought I would be straight back at the gym & just avoiding excercising the top half but not a chance. The consultant will give you the all clear & tell you what & when you can do things.

I had my operation on 6 May & saw the consultant two weeks after I got back. Now I have taken off the 'tape' on the scars & am still wearing a sports bra but I just got used to it for work. I did go straight from the airport though to M&S & BHS as I wanted something made of concrete to stop them moving, then I just did the jump test, if you jump & they move, put the bra back. I can recommend one particular one in M&S and can retrieve the box from home, £16 for two & I started one size bigger around the chest so it did not press on the scars, now I am back to a normal size. It was funny though, I felt like Jordan at first, must have been about an E with the swelling & when I got the bra on the day I got back it was a 40 D, now I am in a 36 C, so be prepared & pack baggy tops for when you first come out of the hospital & cotton wool pads, bit gross but you will have very, very sensitive nipples & sports bras hide nothing, every guy I met for the first month must have thought I was after them.

Anyway I know it is a very long winded but if you have any specific points or questions about anything, please feel free to ask me.



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