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It is important to ensure that you make an informed choice in selecting
the surgeon whom best suites your requirements. The following are
guidelines to aid your decision.


Decisions about a surgical procedure should not be based solely on the cost. It is more reasonable to base your decision about surgery on the surgeon's reputation, the surgeon's apparent skill, the surgeon's experience and the surgeon's ability to communicate with you in a manner that is professional, sincere, comfortable, and unhurried. After your surgery you will probably not remember the exact amount you paid for the surgery, but you will aware of the quality of the results for the rest of your life. The most common source of disappointment following a procedure is dissatisfaction with the degree of improvement .The cost should not be the main basis for your choice of surgeon. Do not put your body on the bargain rack.


You should feel free to ask any question you have about your selected procedure. It is your responsibility to make sure that all important questions have been asked and answered before making any final decisions about having your procedure. A surgeon should be willing to discuss and attempt to answer any question you have about your procedure. Do not feel embarrassed to ask difficult questions about the surgeon or procedure.

Every responsible surgeon wants his/her patients to have realistic expectations. The only way you and the surgeon can be reasonably certain that your expectations are realistic is for you to make every effort to have all your questions answered.


The surgeon ought to have answered all of your questions before you make your decision to have surgery. Every ethical surgeon will want to be certain that you feel comfortable about having enough information to make a well-informed decision. If a surgeon is not willing or is not able to answer your questions before surgery, then it is possible that any questions or problems you encounter after surgery will not be adequately addressed.

Medical History

Have you been asked to provide a complete medical history. No one should undergo any treatment without having provided details of his or her medical history that may be necessary in the event of an emergency or adverse reaction

Informed Choice

Have you been advised of the risks and given your informed consent? A discussion of both the benefits, alternative treatments and risks of a procedure is required for informed consent. Such informed consent should be documented in the medical record. A person giving informed consent must not be under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may impair judgment.


Is a qualified surgeon performing your treatment and / or surgery ?

Please check your selected surgeon with the following organizations South African Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Association South African Doctors with Malpractice cases


Is a specialist Anaesthesiologist going to do your anaesthetic and will you have a pre operative consultation prior to surgery?

Will your surgery be done under Local with sedation or a general anaesthetic?

Medical Facility

Where will your surgery take place? Will you be admitted into a medical facility which has full certification with 24 hour nursing support and ICU backup?

Follow Up

Will you receive adequate follow-up care? Follow-up care is an important part of the doctor-patient relationship, and should not be overlooked, even when treatment is administered outside of the usual medical setting.



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