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A Step by Step guide of our service and information requirements which are key to both you and the surgeons.

Step 1 – Cost estimate and guidelines

General Enquiry Form

Your initial enquiry will allow Surgeon and Safari to respond with relevant information, including: all-inclusive cost estimates for surgery, a basic outline of the surgical recuperation period for your selected surgical procedures and the safari option you selected.

We welcome any questions you may have - we value your educated choice.

Step 2 – Medical evaluation by the surgeon

Medical History Forms

Information is the key for both patient and surgeon. All medical questions are forwarded to the surgeon for his professional input.

The medical history together with any additional medical requirements will allow the surgeon to make an initial clinical medical evaluation.

Following the surgeons initial medical feedback we will arrange a telephonic consultation and will be happy to put you in touch with past clients willing to share their experience.

Plastic Surgery Medical Form


Completed medical form, together with close up colour photograph of the area
required for surgery.

Forward via email to or post to:
PO Box 97646, Petervale, 2151, South Africa

Dental Surgery Medical Form


Completed medical form and together with X-rays of the mouth.

Forward via email to or post:
PO Box 97646, Petervale, 2151, South Africa

Ophthalmic Surgery Medical Form


Completed medical form.

Forward via email to or post:
PO Box 97646, Petervale, 2151, South Africa

Orthopaedic Surgery Medical Form


Completed medical form together with X-rays of limb.

Forward via email to or post:
PO Box 97646, Petervale, 2151, South Africa

Infertility Medical Form


Completed medical form.

Forward via email to or post:
PO Box 97646, Petervale, 2151, South Africa

We will continue to communicate with you before your arrival, as information is vital for both patient and surgeon.

Step 3 – Informed choice (your questions answered)

Email correspondence

Constant communication via email can facilitate open and honest communication allowing you to ask questions which we will respond to accordingly.

This, together with telephonic communication, is part of the service offered.

Remember the final decision is yours. You have options and the time to choose carefully. So, why not make the most of the information available?

Consultations – London

We encourage you to take this opportunity to have a consultation in your home country prior to travelling to South Africa for Surgery to avoid any possible disappointment. This consultation in assesses your suitability for surgery and ensures that you make an educated and valued choice. We will advise schedules of when the surgeons consult

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Step 4 – Confirmation of booking

Booking Form

After you are comfortable with your choice and you want to confirm your provisional
booking, we require that you forward the completed booking form, together with your
detailed flight information, to us.

It is important that you read the procedure consent carefully and have all of your
questions answered at your consultation prior to surgery.

We will forward pre & post operation instructions for your selected procedure/s and
invoice you for payment of the non-refundable deposit.

On receipt of the funds we will confirm your bookings and forward a detailed itinerary
for your surgery and medical appointments.

Booking Form

Step 5 – Arrival


You will be met at the airport and transported in your own privately driven vehicle, ensuring your privacy.

Step 6 – Pre-operative consultation with the surgeon
  • The first visit to the surgeon is scheduled as early as possible after arrival. Surgery dates are planned in such a way that they do not impact on normal surgical routine.
  • The surgeon you have selected should answer all your questions to your satisfaction, in terms you understand.
  • You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery:
  • You and the surgeon should concur about your expectations of the results.
  • You should have discussed alternatives and thoroughly understood the risks of the procedure, before signing the informed consent.
  • Neither you nor the surgeon is under any obligation until after your pre operative consultation.
  • The fee quoted in the initial enquiry will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the surgeon.
  • The balance due after payment of the deposit is payable directly to the surgeon at your pre operative consultation.
  • Payment can be made via cash, bank guaranteed cheque, Visa or Master Card.

Step 7 – Surgery

We will accompany you to the clinic on the day of surgery - ensuring that you are admitted and ready for surgery after a pre-surgery consultation with the surgeon and the specialist anaesthesiologist. Any further questions can be addressed at this consultation.

Step 8 – Recuperation

It is customary for patients to recuperate in the town of surgery for the required post-operative period. This requirement is dependant on the nature of the procedure. We offer a choice of recuperation accommodation packages which include: accommodation, certain meals, transfers – airport & medical together with assistance & support. We understand that you are away from home and therefore offer you a personal assistant. Your personal assistant will accompany you to all of your medical appointments and surgery, and is available for you every step of the way. Your personal assistant is your 'friend away from home'.

Step 9 – Safari or vacation

We will discuss the most suitable safari options and arrange according to your requirements, including day activities during your recuperation.

We will make all necessary arrangements and bookings.

Your have a choice.


Step 10 – Feedback & follow up back home

Once back home we encourage you to keep in touch with us as your healing progress is important and if at any stage you have any queries or furthered questions we would like you to contact us and we will respond accordingly.

Follow up consultations using both email and telephone are available at all times in addition we have "Face to Face" follow up consultations in London and South Africa which are available to past clients on a regular basis.

As part of our ongoing business we continuously look at ways of improving the product and service we offer so value your honest input, suggestions and comments.

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