"It was amazing, an experience of a life time and a part of my life I will always
remember fondly."

Ophthalmic Surgeon


  • We only use surgeons whom are qualified, certified and registered medical doctors and specialists in South Africa.
  • All our surgeons are registered with their respective specialist associations and thus adhere to those professional codes of conduct as well as having no malpractice Law suits lodged against them.
  • We elect to work with a select few of the top surgeons whom have successful private practises with high standards of ethics.
  • These surgeons pride themselves on the quality of their work, and take time to ensure that you are comfortable with your choice and ensure that you have realistic expectations.
  • The Surgeons will not perform procedures if they feel your life or health would be compromised in any way.
  • We only use Surgeons who have the correct and necessary malpractice insurance coverage to operate on our overseas clients.


Practice No. 2603373

Dr. Mark Deist's private corrective eye clinic boasts some of the most progressive laser technology in the world - where local and visiting patients use the services of highly skilled and reputable anaesthetists when necessary.

Qualifications Dr Mark Deist

Professional Associations

Dr. Deist has specialised on Excimer Laser Vision Correction, Scleral Implant Surgery, Phakic Intraocular Lenses and Sutureless Cataract surgery.

Dr. Deist has trained several colleagues in Excimer Laser Vision Correction and frequently attends international meetings and refresher courses in refractive surgery.


Ophthalmic Procedures


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